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Recent False Flags are a Bread and Circus to Distract you from What's Really Going On (I.e. "Five of the ‘Big 6’ Agricultural Corporations, Including Monsanto,Looking to Merge")

illustration by David Dees

How many people have heard that Monsanto and Bayer have merged or that DuPont and Dow have merged?

If anyone has not yet read about the dark history of the world's most evil corporations please see these stories below:

Heroin, Nazis, and Agent Orange: Inside the $66 Billion Merger of the Year: These companies used to sell heroin and Agent Orange. Now, they want to form the world’s largest supplier of seeds and pesticides 

Five of the ‘Big 6’ Agricultural Corporations, including Monsanto, Looking to Merge

This Merger Would Threaten Food Supplies Around the World. Who Will Stop It? 

Bayer-Monsanto Deal Faces Deeper Scrutiny in Europe 

Dow, DuPont Set Aug. 31 for Closing of Historic Chemical Merger 

Monsanto Timeline

 “The Complete History of Monsanto the World’s Most Evil Corporation” (info on Disneyland, the Manhattan Project, and the Knights of Malta) 

Dark History of Monsanto by Seattle Organic Restaurants

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New Taco Bell Commercial is Referencing "The Brotherhood of the Bell."

If you haven't seen this MUST-SEE film, The Brotherhood of the Bell, you can watch it for free on YouTube or download an archived back-up copy over at the Internet Archive:


The Brotherhood of the Bell is a 1970 made-for-television movie produced by Cinema Center 100 Productions and starring Glenn Ford. The director Paul Wendkos was nominated in 1971 by the Directors Guild of America for "outstanding directorial achievement in television."[1] The film relates how a successful Economics professor, Dr. Andrew Patterson, discovers that an elite fraternity he had joined 22 years before in college is really a callous banking and business cabal that obtains wealth and power for its members through nefarious practices. Run time 97 minutes 37 seconds

There was also a real-life Nazi "Brotherhood of the Bell," see Joseph Farrell's
The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa's Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12

and there is a short article on the subject here:


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Corey Feldman's Son, Hugh Hefner, Underground Tunnels, CIA MK Ultra "Wonder Land" Studio Exposed (White Rabbit) #PIZZAGATE

Q Annon, Hugh Hefner CIA MK Ultra "Wonder Land" Studio Exposed (White Rabbit) #PIZZAGATE

Hugh Hefner, CIA Pimp, Many Star's Homes Connected to Hefner Mansion via Tunnel

END-TIMES PROGRAMMING: MK-ULTRA ANTI-CHRIST "Call Back" Programming/"Black Awakening"

END-TIMES PROGRAMMING: MK-ULTRA ANTI-CHRIST "Call Back" Programming/"Black Awakening"



Hollywood's Newest "Secret" Club!

Hollywood's Newest Secret Club!

China Owns California: that's why the Fires are Happening!

China Owns California: that's why the Fires are Happening!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Tales from the Pedophocracy: Marilyn's, "Heart Belongs to Daddy"

The term Pedophocracy is borrowed from David McGowan's book, Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder and is available free online in many formats:

screenshot via YouTube

It’s funny how this whole Pizzagate scandal has caused some of us to suddenly see the world around us with a new perspective. Things that we didn’t pay much attention to in the past have suddenly become so glaringly obvious.

I grew up in California in the 70’s and 80’s and was a huge film buff. I also did a short stint as an actress and used to dress up like Marilyn Monroe and collected all of her films and biographies. I also collected all of the songs she ever did. Many people don’t know that she sang a lot of songs in a number of different films.

So I was looking up old songs on YouTube recently. I wasn’t looking for Marilyn and had sort of forgotten that was also a singer but YouTube brought up one of her songs on a suggested video so I played it out of curiosity. Then later, as the days went on, YouTube started suggesting other Marilyn videos including a song from the 1960 film, Let’s Make Love, “My Heart Belongs to Daddy,” and I was like, “Woah, that’s kinda creepy.”

I looked up the lyrics and found a Wikipedia page about the history of the song which was actually written by Cole Porter for a 1938 Broadway musical and had appeared in a couple of films after that.

It was also recorded by a handful of famous singers and is a reference to a “Sugar Daddy” relationship where a wealthy older man lavishes money and gifts on a much younger woman in order to procure sex and / or companionship.

[This is the best article I found on the origin of the term, ]

M people consider it immoral or unethical since it’s really a form of prostitution, but on the other hand we’ve become so desensitized to it over the decades that we don’t even bat an eyelash when we hear about it.

Looking back at my early years, before I learned that the illuminati (via the intelligence community) had artificially constructed so much of what most of us originally believed was grassroots culture and history I didn’t even bother to think about what they were singing about or why, those risque old Hollywood songs just seemed silly or fun. I knew they weren’t necessarily singing about “traditional Christian family values,” but even most of us Christians just took unconsciously took for granted that the elite class led different lifestyles than the average American and didn’t really give it much thought.

Even now I wouldn’t have given any of this much thought, but when I was reading the Wikipedia entry on the  history of the song I read that the lyrics were changed in the Marilyn Monroe version. The word, “Lolita” was added and that was really disturbing because the word, “Lolita,” doesn’t just mean an underage girl, in its original usage in Nabakov’s novel, Lolita, it refers a 12 year-old girl who has a sexual relationship with a middle aged man.

According to Wikipedia:

The introduction [to Porter’s song] is completely changed. [Marilyn] introduces herself as "Lolita", who is not allowed to "play with boys". A verse is added in which she invites a boy "to cook up a fine enchilada". The lines do not conform to the rhyme scheme of the rest of the song, but have been used by many other performers since. Anna Nicole Smith recorded a virtual copy of the Monroe version in 1997.

Marilyn sang this just five years after the novel was published. Stanley Kubrick produced a film version of the book just two years after Marilyn sang the new version.

I had to wonder if the more recent version was an intentional double-entendre, a song that could be taken the way it always was: as a conventional sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship, or the lyrics can be taken literally: Lolita is 12 years-old and she is not allowed to play with boys her own age because for some reason or another she is under the sexual control of one or more adults.

It also begs the question: Why is 34 year-old Marilyn singing about some Lolita anyway?

As soon as I started pondering the question my mind went to the fact that Marilyn Monroe is widely to be considered one of the earliest examples of a celebrity under the influence of MK Ultra mind control, and one of the earliest examples of a celebrity who may have been ritually murdered by the Illuminati.

She was also the first person to be featured on the cover of Playboy and it has now recently been discovered that Playboy was funded by the CIA as an act of social engineering. There is also evidence that Hugh Hefner may have been some sort of CIA handler.

But even more interesting is this documentary film about how Hefner took over and carried on the work of Aleister Crowley and Alfred Kinsey in his career with Playboy and how even though we usually associate Playboy with young women over 18, historically there has been other material in Playboy that promotes pedophilia. 


This film also documents this fact. Anyone who has not yet seen this film, should definitely view this as soon as possible:

The Kinsey Syndrome How and Why Pizza became Pedophilia
(This article about how Hugh Hefner exploited Marilyn Monroe is also of interest)

After I began to look into this another disturbing video spontaneously surfaced on YouTube. This time it was Marilyn singing in a 1948 film called, Ladies of the Chorus, “Everybody Needs a Da Da Daddy,” again seeming to sing about conventional sugar daddies and their "sugar babies" but the baby dolls featured in this clip are really creepy. It brings to mind the "doll programming" Fritz Springmeier mentions in his book, Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind-Controlled Slave. 

screenshot via YouTube

This is just something strange that I noticed. I thought I would put it out there as food for thought regarding how long the-powers-that-shouldn’t-be have been manipulating our society by promoting non-marital relationships based on anything but love and which bear no lasting fruit of any value (regardless of whether the participants are over or underage).

Here is wisdom from Jesus:

"A tree is identified by its fruit. If a tree is good, its fruit will be good. If a tree is bad, its fruit will be bad." – Matthew 12:33

"Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me. "I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing." - John 15:4-5

and the Apostle, Paul:

"When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division, and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!" – Galatians 5: 19-21

Friday, December 1, 2017

Luciferian Death Cult – HG Wells, Arthur Koestler & Jonas Salk – Jay Dyer &Tim Kelly

EXCLUSIVE! Why was River Phoenix' Final Interview Scrubbed from the Internet???

Fair Use via Wikipedia Commons

I was born just two months before River Phoenix in 1970. So as River Phoenix grew up in front of the camera acting in films, I grew up watching his films.By High School I had a pretty big crush on River like a lot of other American girls.

So I would say from about age 14 in 1984 until age 23 in 1993 - a span of just 9 years - I followed his career very closely and watched most of his interviews on television when I was able to.

Then after seeing Phoenix' second-to-the-last completed film, Sneakers, I became even more interested in watching his interviews about the film because the film took place in Oakland, CA - the area where I grew up - and it was about a group of computer hackers and I just happened to come from a family of computer nerds living adjacent to the Silicon Valley, so I was a huge fan at the time.

Well there is something that has always haunted me and that is one of Phoenix' final interviews which, if I remember correctly, took place sometime during the last couple of years of his life - it probably would have been 1992 or 1993, and it was definitely with David Letterman (who I was also a huge fan of at the time).

Now during that time David Letterman was winding up his first well-known show, NBC's Late Night with David Letterman, which broadcast from 1982 until 1993. Then just two months before Phoenix' death Dave began a new (but nearly identical) show, CBS's Late Show with David Letterman, from August 30, 1993 until May 20, 2015.

Whichever of the two shows it was on, River Phoenix said something shocking to David Letterman. For those who aren't old enough to remember, Phoenix was an early example of an actor-turned-activist. He wrote an article for 17 Magazine on Earth Day in 1990. He was also covered by Vegetarian Times and The Animals' Voice Magazine.

Well during this interview, Phoenix started going on a rant about evil multi-national corporations, particularly, General Electric. Funny enough this memory is still firmly implanted in my mind since this was the first time I remember hearing the bad news about G.E. in my early twenties.

I still have a vivid memory of David Letterman telling River that it's funny he should mention that since General Electric actually owns N.B.C. the station that Phoenix was being interviewed on, and so while I am writing this I just realized that that dates the show sometime prior to Dave's N.B.C. show, which ended in August of 1993, just two months before Phoenix' death on Halloween night in 1993.

Now, I could be wrong, but I always remembered this as being an interview about the film Sneakers which would have put this during the last two years of Phoenix' life but regardless of which film he was being interviewed for, the fact is that I cannot find any trace of River Phoenix ever having appeared on Late Night with David Letterman.

What is also interesting is that I cannot find any real interviews of River Phoenix anywhere on the Internet past 1991. One small exception is a clip from a film promo for Sneakers labeled on YouTube as an interview but it was really just a brief film promo produced by the filmmakers. River Phoenix released two major Hollywood films during the last two years of his life, Sneakers, released September 2, 1992 and The Thing Called Love, released July 16, 1993.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

You would think that it would be easier to find archival footage of Phoenix' interviews during '92 or '93 since those were the early days of the internet and yet when you do a search for his interviews it brings of tons of interviews from the pre-internet days such as 1988 and 1991.

(click to enlarge)

The only results for 1993 are reports about his death even though he died at the end of the year on Halloween. What about interviews for 1993's The Thing Called Love with Samantha Mathis? Even her old interviews easily pop up without digging - and I didn't even put her name on the search below, just River's.

(click to enlarge)

I've also combed through lists of episodes on various sites that log every actor and guest on every episode of a television show and cannot locate any record of my memory.

(click to enlarge)

This memory has remained vivid throughout my life. I am 47 now but River Phoenix outspokenness and activism had a big impact on me during my formative years so I remember his infamous comments on David Letterman very well.

After 2016's "Pizzagate" story broke and transformed into the bigger-picture investigation known as "Pedogate," people started thinking of River Phoenix again since he was notoriously raised by the Children of God cult in Oregon, a cult known for sexually abusing children. People were wondering if he was killed by the cult. 

I have personally wondered for years if he was added to the "expendable" list for sacrifice due to his "mistake" of biting the hand the fed him, i.e. knowingly, or unkowingly, insulting General Electric while he was appearing on their network.

Recent research this year (2017) has linked Phoenix death to Johnny Depp's rise to fame. Perhaps the Powers-that-shoudn't-be gave Johnny the go-ahead after Phoenix' remarks.


Chris Cornell 6 Degrees of Separation from River Phoenix

Must Watch! Johnny Depp Exposed as Pedophile Satanist

If anyone else remembers this interview, or thinks they might have some old VHS tapes that might have evidence of this interview, please post anything you can find or remember to the comments below, or link to any uploads you may have.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Breaking News: PIZZAGATE in SEATTLE!!!

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Resigns after Fifth Child Sex-abuse Allegation!!!

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on May 18.  (Alan Berner/The Seattle Times)

 ...and not so high places...

Do these guys know the mayor because they have very similar interests?

The Emery Brothers House of Horrors - Part 1 - #PizzaGate

The Emery Brothers House of Horrors - Part 2 - #PizzaGate

The Emery Brothers House of Horrors - Part 3 - #PizzaGate

SEE ALSO: Wife of one of the Seattle ‘House of Horror’ Emery Brothers Disappeared Decades Ago; Additional Evidence Inside Home Revealed

Pizzagate 101: Basic Facts in 5 Minutes

Best Mainstream Media (MSM) Coverage of Pizzagate in 5 Minutes. (Ben Swann mysteriously vanished from the public eye after this report):

Infowars Deleted This Video After They Were Threatened With A Lawsuit (5 min.)


#pizzagate: A Primer (shortest full-length documentary - just 1 hour)

Full-length, definitive Pizzagate documentary by Titus Frost (1 hr. 46 min.)
#PizzaGate the Documentary, Pedophilia involving Podesta Emails, Clinton, Obama, David Brock, DNC

Follow-up documentaries by Titus Frost:

#PizzaGate / #PedoGate - The UnAnswered Questions Documentary - Part 1 

#PizzaGate / #PedoGate - The UnAnswered Questions Documentary - Part 2

#PizzaGate / #PedoGate - The UnAnswered Questions Documentary - Part 3

Investigative Journalist, Jake Morphonios - August 2017 (his children were kidnapped by strangers in the 1970s) (1 hr. 24 min.)


JANUARY 5, 2017: Pegasus Video Removed Due to Alefantis' Death Threats (1/2)

(2/2) Caller ID Verification of Alefantis' Phone Number

JULY 4, 2017: Comet Ping Pong Site Gets Hacked! Child Porn Reported!

AUGUST 30, 2017: Comet Ping Pong FOIA Request UPDATE

NOVEMBER 4, 2017: 
Interview with hacker who broke into Comet's computer and found C.P.


New Pizzagate Code Words / New Podesta Email of Interest + John Waters Continued Crowley and Kinsey's Culture War

Pizzagate Suspect is Throwing a Children's Party

What is the "Bigger Picture" / context / real underlying origins of PIZZAGATE? What is their "endgame"? Find out in the new documentary film, Detestable (2017):

More info on the origins of Pizzagate: "Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover-up"


This is a very good, contemporary, "non-religious" introduction to the subject (2016):


Russ Dizdar has been a Pastor, and a Police Chaplain, and has worked in occult crime units at police departments across America. He is one of the leading experts on the subjects of Satanic Ritual Abuse, trauma-based mind control, and mind-controlled "Super Soldiers." You can read more about his work and listen to his podcasts at the two websites below:

(The website below also offers free training in Spiritual Warfare)

Interview with Russ Dizdar on the Jeff Rense radio show, (This is the best interview on what it's like to live with a mind-controlled ritual abuse survivor on a day to day basis):  
Part 2: 
Part 3:

Russ Dizdar's 2009 book, The Black Awakening: Rise of Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos


Brief summary here:

Gnostic Media interview with Dr. Colin A. Ross, pt. 1 – “MKULTRA – What is Mind Control?”

Dr. Colin Ross has practiced psychiatry for over three decades. He is the author of 12 books, including Human Energy Fields: A New Science and Medicine(2009), The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists (2006), Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality Disorder by Psychiatrists (2000), and Satanic Ritual Abuse: Principles of Treatment (1995). An internationally recognized expert on dissociative identity disorder, he also oversees the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma.

This 2008 book is available in print at bookstores or free online, "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave" by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

You can also freely download all four of Springmeier's books at

Gnostic Media's research and documentation of the C.I.A.'s creation of the 1960's counterculture as social engineering:


Thursday, August 17, 2017

New Pizzagate / Wikileaks Research Article

Following the trail of a mysterious symbol in the town where I live led me to discover one (or more) new Pizzagate code words – which then led me to a new Podesta email of interest and to new persons of interest in D.C., and to the realization that filmmaker John Waters continued the culture war begun by Aleister Crowley and Alfred Kinsey (and shocking, but not surprising, evidence that Waters may be a pedo-sadist or pedophile).


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TRUMP is a Luciferian "Illuminist"

Related image

Donald Trump's 66th floor penthouse demonstrates Trump is an "illuminist" / occultist.

Donald Trump's 66th Floor Penthouse Exposes His Idol 'Sun God' Apollo, Son of Zeus

Trump's Kabbalah Teacher

The left-right paradigm is a false dichotomy. It is based on the two pillars of Freemasonry and on the false dichotomy known as the Hegelian Dialectic (thesis + antithesis = synthesis - which is also based on the pillars of masonry, which is based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram.) 

Trump can't save you, only Jesus Christ can save you.

Only Jesus will bring justice to the satanists ruling this world (although we can join his team and help him).

Repent of your idolatry before it's too late! The Day of the Lord is at hand!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

National Day of Prayer request - Illegally Denied Bail and Tortured for 471 DAYS

Today is the National Day of Prayer and I have an urgent prayer request for our brother-in-Christ, Ammon Bundy. He has never been convicted of a crime and has no criminal record. He has been denied bail for 471 DAYS for political reasons while awaiting trial. Yesterday (and the day before) he was tortured by guards for hours - physically assaulted, injured, chained to a 3x3 shower stall over night (13 HOURS standing) with no shirt, left without a bathroom all night, denied food for two days, then the next day thrown in solitary while violently ripping off of his remaining clothes. His temple garments were later returned by a sympathetic guard. He is still without clothing and without medical attention for his injuries (To top it off, in the past they have been sexually abusive while doing body cavity searches). They pick on him because they know he is a Christian and they think no one will hold them accountable for it. You can hear Ammon give an account of the horrific abuse he has been enduring and he is not the only one. Many prisoners in this country are being abused by guards who know they will not be held accountable by the public. No human being, whether guilty, or unconvicted (and innocent until proven guilty), deserves to be abused for any reason. You can listen to Ammon’s account of what happened in this video (recorded after his wife Lisa’s account) here: 

 Ammon warned Lisa (and the rest of us) about the consequences of the introduction of the use of torture in a post-911 world , “I see exactly what they are doing. They are learning how to do it in here and then they are going to do it to us out there. It’s not far, history has shown this, it has happened in concentration camps and the holocaust and I sure hope America is not going in that direction.” 

 If we don’t stand up against torture and cruel and unusual punishment - and punishment of those innocent until proven guilty - the Lord will allow us to experience those very things as if to say, “Are you sure this is what you really want?” Please ask the Lord what action he would like you to take regarding these matters. In addition to prayer, letters and phone calls to the proper authorities can be of assistance. These abusers need to know the public is willing to hold them accountable.

Friday, April 21, 2017

All Churches Built Up To Get Gain Will Be Destroyed! The only thing worse Witchcraft is Priestcraft!The plain and simple Doctrine of Christ

Christ's definition of his Church

"And now behold, according to their faith in their prayers will I bring this part of my gospel to the knowledge of my people. Behold, I do not bring it to destroy that which they have received, but to build it up, and for this cause have I said, If this generation harden not their hearts, I will establish my church among them. Now I do not say this to destroy my church, but I say this to build up my church. Therefore whosoever belongeth to my church need not fear, for such shall inherit the kingdom of heaven, but it is they which do not fear me, neither keep my commandments, but buildeth up churches unto themselves to get gain, yea, and all those that do wickedly and buildeth up the kingdom of the devil. Yea, verily, verily I say unto you it is they that I will disturb and cause to tremble and shake to the center.

Behold, I am Jesus Christ the Son of God. I came unto my own and my own received me not. I am the light which shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not. I am he which said, Other sheep have I which are not of this fold, unto my disciples, and many there were which understood me not.

And I will shew unto this people that I had other sheep and that they were a branch of the house of Jacob, and I will bring to light these marvelous works which they did in my name. Yea, and I will also bring to light my gospel which was ministered unto them and behold, they shall not deny that which ye have received, but they shall build it up and shall bring to light the true points of my doctrine, yea, and the only doctrine which is in me

And this I do that I may establish my gospel, that there may not be so much contention. Yea, Satan doth stir up the hearts of the people to contention concerning the points of my doctrine, and in these things they do err for they do arrest the scriptures and do not understand them. Therefore I will unfold unto them this great mystery, for behold, I will gather them as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings if they will not harden their hearts, yea, if they will come, they may and partake of the waters of life freely.

Behold, this is my doctrine: Whosoever repenteth and cometh unto me, the same is my church. Whosoever declareth more or less then this is not of me, but is against me, therefore he is not of my church.

Now behold, whosoever is of my church and endureth in my church to the end, him will I establish upon my rock and the gates of hell shall not prevail against them.

And now, remember the words of him who is the life and the light of the world, your Redeemer, your Lord and your God. Amen."

Word from the Lord to his servant, May 1829,

There are only Two Churches

“And I looked and beheld many nations and kingdoms. And the angel saith unto me: "What beholdest thou?"

And I said: "I behold many nations and kingdoms."

And he saith unto me: "These are the nations and kingdoms of the Gentiles."

And it came to pass that I saw among the nations of the Gentiles the formation of a great church; And the angel said unto me: "Behold the formation of a church which is most abominable above all other churches, Which slayeth the saints of God, yea, and tortureth them, and bindeth them down, and yoketh them with a yoke of iron, and bringeth them down into captivity."

And it came to pass that I beheld this great and abominable church; And I saw the devil, that he was the founder of it; And I also saw gold and silver and silks and scarlets and fine-twined linen and all manner of precious clothing; And I saw many harlots.
And the angel spake unto me, saying:

"Behold, the gold and the silver and the silks and the scarlets and the fine-twined linen and the precious clothing and the harlots are the desires of this great and abominable church; And also for the praise of the world do they destroy the saints of God and bring them down into captivity."

1 Nephi 3: 136-144, Non-denominational Book of Mormon (Restored Covenant Edition)

And I, Nephi, beheld that the Gentiles which had gone out of captivity were delivered by the power of God out of the hands of all other nations; And it came to pass that I, Nephi, beheld that they did prosper in the land.

And I beheld a book, And it was carried forth among them; And the angel saith unto me:
"Knowest thou the meaning of the book?"

And I saith: "I know not."

And he saith: "Behold, it proceedeth out of the mouth of a Jew."

And I, Nephi, beheld it;

And he saith unto me: "The book which thou beholdest is a record of the Jews which contains the covenants of the Lord which He hath made unto the house of Israel, And it also containeth many of the prophecies of the holy prophets; And it is a record like unto the engravings which are upon the plates of brass, save there are not so many, Nevertheless, they contain the covenants of the Lord which He hath made unto the house of Israel; Wherefore, they are of great worth unto the Gentiles."

And the angel of the Lord said unto me: "Thou hast beheld that the book proceeded forth from the mouth of a Jew; And when it proceeded forth from the mouth of a Jew it contained the fullness of the gospel of the Lord, of whom the twelve apostles bore record, And they bore record according to the truth which is in the Lamb of God; Wherefore, these things go forth from the Jews in purity unto the Gentiles, according to the truth which is in God. And after that they go forth by the hand of the twelve apostles of the Lamb from the Jews unto the Gentiles, Behold, after this thou seest the formation of that great and abominable church, which is the most abominable of all other churches.

For behold, they have taken away from the gospel of the Lamb many parts which are plain and most precious, And also many covenants of the Lord have they taken away; And all this have they done that they might pervert the right ways of the Lord, that they might blind the eyes and harden the hearts of the children of men.

Wherefore, thou seest that after the book hath gone forth through the hands of the great and abominable church that there are many plain and most precious things taken away from the book, which is the book of the Lamb of God; [the Bible] And after that these plain and precious things were taken away, it goeth forth unto all the nations of the Gentiles; And after it goeth forth unto all the nations of the Gentiles-yea, even across the many waters which thou hast seen, with the Gentiles which have gone forth out of captivity-

And thou seest because of the many plain and precious things which have been taken out of the book- which were plain unto the understanding of the children of men according to the plainness which is in the Lamb of God- And because of these things which are taken away out of the gospel of the Lamb, An exceeding great many do stumble, yea, insomuch that Satan hath great power over them.

Nevertheless, thou beholdest that the Gentiles which have gone forth out of captivity and have been lifted up above by the power of God above all other nations upon the face of the land - Which is choice above all other lands [America], Which is the land which the Lord God hath covenanted with thy father that his seed should have for the land of their inheritance-

Wherefore, thou seest that the Lord God will not suffer that the Gentiles will utterly destroy the mixture of thy seed which is among thy brethren [American Indians]. Neither will He suffer that the Gentiles shall destroy the seed of thy brethren;

Neither will the Lord God suffer that the Gentiles shall forever remain in that state of awful woundedness, which thou beholdest that they are in because of the plain and most precious parts of the gospel of the Lamb which hath been kept back by that abominable church, whose formation thou hast seen.

1 Nephi 3:155-179, non-denominational Book of Mormon (Restored Covenant Edition)

And after that the Gentiles do stumble exceedingly because of the most plain and most precious parts of the gospel of the Lamb which hath been kept back by that abominable church which is the mother of harlots,' saith the Lamb, 'Wherefore, I will be merciful unto the Gentiles in that day,' saith the Lamb, 'Insomuch that I will bring forth unto them in Mine own power much of My gospel, which shall be plain and most precious,' saith the Lamb.

'For behold,' saith the Lamb, 'I will manifest Myself unto thy seed, that they shall write many things which I shall minister unto them, which shall be plain and precious; And after that thy seed shall be destroyed and dwindle in unbelief, and also the seed of thy brethren, Behold, these things shall be hid up to come forth unto the Gentiles by the gift and power of the Lamb; And in them shall be written My gospel,' saith the Lamb, 'and My rock and My salvation;

And blessed are they which shall seek to bring forth My Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost; And if they endure unto the end, they shall be lifted up at the last day and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb;

Yea, whoso shall publish peace, that shall publish tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be!'"

And it came to pass that I beheld the remnant of the seed of my brethren, And also the book of the Lamb of God which had proceeded forth from the mouth of the Jew; And I beheld that it came forth from the Gentiles unto the remnant of the seed of my brethren;

And after it had come forth unto them, I beheld other books which came forth by the power of the Lamb from the Gentiles unto them, Unto the convincing of the Gentiles and the remnant of the seed of my brethren, And also to the Jews which were scattered upon all the face of the earth, That the records of the prophets and of the twelve apostles of the Lamb are true.

And the angel spake unto me, saying: "These last records which thou hast seen among the Gentiles shall establish the truth of the first, which are of the twelve apostles of the Lamb, And shall make known the plain and precious things which have been taken away from them; And shall make known to all kindreds, tongues and people that the Lamb of God is the Eternal Father and the Savior of the world, And that all men must come unto Him or they cannot be saved.”

1 Nephi 3:183-193 non-denominational Book of Mormon (Restored Covenant Edition)

And it came to pass that when the angel had spoken these words, he saith unto me, "Remember thou the covenants of the Father unto the house of Israel?"

I saith unto him, "Yea."

And it came to pass that he saith unto me: "Look and behold that great and abominable church which is the mother of abominations, whose founder is the devil."

And he saith unto me: "Behold, there are save it be two churches- The one is the church of the Lamb of God, And the other is the church of the devil; Wherefore, whoso belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great church which is the mother of abominations,And she is the whore of all the earth."

1 Nephi 3:217-223, non-denominational Book of Mormon (Restored Covenant Edition)

The Only Thing Worse than Witchcraft  is Priestcraft

And it came to pass that I looked and beheld the whore of all the earth; And she sat upon many waters; And she had dominion over all the earth among all nations, kindreds, tongues and people. And it came to pass that I beheld the church of the Lamb of God, And its numbers were few because of the wickedness and abominations of the whore which sat upon many waters;

Nevertheless, I beheld that the church of the Lamb, which were the saints of God, were also upon all the face of the earth, And their dominion upon the face of the earth was small because of the wickedness of the great whore which I saw.

And it came to pass that I beheld that the great mother of abominations did gather together in multitudes upon the face of all the earth among all the nations of the Gentiles to fight against the Lamb of God.

And it came to pass that I, Nephi, beheld the power of the Lamb of God, that it descended upon the saints of the church of the Lamb and upon the covenant people of the Lord which were scattered upon all the face of the earth; And they were armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory.

And it came to pass that I beheld that the wrath of God was poured out upon that great and abominable church insomuch that there were wars and rumors of wars mong all the nations and kindreds of the earth; And as there began to be wars and rumors of wars among all the nations which belonged to the mother of abominations, the angel spake unto me, saying:
"Behold, the wrath of God is upon the mother of harlots; And behold, thou seest all these things; And when the day cometh that the wrath of God is poured out upon the mother of harlots, which is the great and abominable church of all the earth, whose founder is the devil, Then at that day, the work of the Father shall commence in preparing the way for the fulfilling of His covenants which He hath made to His people which are of the house of Israel."

And it came to pass that the angel spake unto me, saying: "Look!"

And I looked and beheld a man; And he was dressed in a white robe; And the angel said unto me: "Behold one of the twelve apostles of the Lamb! Behold, he shall see and write the remainder of these things, Yea, and also many things which have been; And he shall also write concerning the end of the world; Wherefore, the things which he shall write are just and true; And behold, they are written in the book which thou beheld proceeding out of the mouth of the Jew; And at the time they proceeded out of the mouth of the Jew, or at the time the book proceeded out of the mouth of the Jew, The things which were written were plain and pure and most precious and easy to the understanding of all men.”

…And I, Nephi, heard and bore record that the name of the apostle of the Lamb was John, according to the word of the angel.

1 Nephi 3: 224-245, 251 non-denominational Book of Mormon (Restored Covenant Edition)

And the Gentiles are lifted up in the pride of their eyes and have stumbled because of the greatness of their stumbling block, that they have built up many churches; Nevertheless, they put down the power and the miracles of God, And preach up unto themselves their own wisdom and their own learning, that they may get gain and grind upon the face of the poor;

And there are many churches built up which causeth envyings and strifes and malice; And there are also secret combinations, even as in times of old, according to the combinations of the devil; For he is the founder of all these things, yea, the founder of murder and works of darkness, Yea, and he leadeth them by the neck with a flaxen cord until he bindeth them with his strong cords forever.

For behold, my beloved brethren, I say unto you that the Lord God worketh not in darkness; He doeth not anything, save it be for the benefit of the world, For He loveth the world, even that He layeth down His own life that He may draw all men unto Him...

... He saith: "Come unto Me, all ye ends of the earth, Buy milk and honey without money and without price."

2 Nephi 11: 90-96, 99 non-denominational Book of Mormon (Restored Covenant Edition)

He commandeth that there shall be no priestcrafts; For behold, priestcrafts are that men preach and set themselves up for a light unto the world, that they may get gain and praise of the world, But they seek not the welfare of Zion. Behold, the Lord hath forbidden this thing! Wherefore, the Lord God hath given a commandment that all men should have charity, which charity is love; And except they should have charity, they were nothing; Wherefore, if they should have charity, they would not suffer the laborer in Zion to perish.But the laborer in Zion shall labor for Zion, for if they labor for money they shall perish.

2 Nephi 11: 106 – 109, non-denominational Book of Mormon (Restored Covenant Edition)

All Churches Built up to Get Gain will be Destroyed

And it [the Book of Mormon] shall come in a day when it shall be said that miracles are done away. And it shall come even as if one should speak from the dead. And it shall come in a day when the blood of saints shall cry unto the Lord because of secret combinations [conspiracy] and the works of darkness. Yea, it shall come in a day when the power of God shall be denied and churches become defiled and shall be lifted up in the pride of their hearts, Yea, even in a day when leaders of churches and teachers in the pride of their hearts, even to the envying of them who belong to their church.

Yea, it shall come in a day when there shall be heard of fires and tempests and vapors of smoke in foreign lands, And there shall also be heard of wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes in divers places. Yea, it shall come in a day when there shall be great pollutions upon the face of the earth; There shall be murders and robbing and lying and deceivings and whoredoms and all manner of abominations, When there shall be many which will say, "Do this or do that and it mattereth not, for the Lord will uphold such at the last day";

But wo unto such for they are in the gall of bitterness and in the bonds of iniquity! Yea, it shall come in a day when there shall be churches built up that shall say, "Come unto me and for your money you shall be forgiven of your sins."

O ye wicked and perverse and stiff-necked people! Why have ye built up churches unto yourselves to get gain?

Why have ye transfigured the holy word of God, that ye might bring damnation upon your souls? Behold! look ye unto the revelations of God; For behold, the time cometh at that day when all these things must be fulfilled. Behold, the Lord hath shown unto me great and marvelous things concerning that which must shortly come at that day when these things shall come forth among you.

Behold, I speak unto you as if ye were present, And yet ye are not; But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me and I know your doing, And I know that ye do walk in the pride of your hearts; And there are none, save a few only, which do not lift themselves up in the pride of their hearts, Unto the wearing of very fine apparel, Unto envying and strife and malice and persecutions and all manner of iniquity; And your churches, yea, even every one, have become polluted because of the pride of your hearts. For behold, ye do love money, and your substances, and your fine apparel, and the adorning of your churches, More than ye love the poor, and the needy, the sick, and the afflicted.

O ye pollutions! Ye hypocrites! Ye teachers which sell yourselves for that which will canker! Why have ye polluted the holy church of God? Why are ye ashamed to take upon you the name of Christ? Why do you not think that greater is the value of an endless happiness than that misery which never dies, because of the praise of the world?

Why do ye adorn yourselves with that which hath no life, And yet suffer the hungry, and the needy, and the naked, and the sick, and the afflicted, To pass by you and notice them not?

Yea, why do ye build up your secret abominations to get gain? And cause that widows should mourn before the Lord? And also orphans to mourn before the Lord? And also the blood of their fathers and their husbands to cry unto the Lord from the ground for vengeance upon your heads?

Behold, the sword of vengeance hangeth over you! And the time soon cometh that He avengeth the blood of the saints upon you, for He will not suffer their cries any longer.

And now I speak also concerning those who do not believe in Christ. Behold, will ye believe in the day of your visitation- behold, when the Lord shall come? Yea, even that great day when the earth shall be rolled together as a scroll and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? Yea, in that great day when ye shall be brought to stand before the Lamb of God, then will ye say that there is no God?

Then will ye longer deny the Christ or can ye behold the Lamb of God? Do ye suppose that ye shall dwell with Him under a consciousness of your guilt? Do ye suppose that ye could be happy to dwell with that Holy Being when your souls are racked with a consciousness of your guilt, that ye have ever abused His laws?

Behold, I say unto you that ye would be more miserable to dwell with a holy and a just God under a consciousness of your filthiness before Him, than ye would to dwell with the damned souls in hell; For behold, when ye shall be brought to see your nakedness before God, and also the glory of God and the holiness of Jesus Christ, It  will kindle a flame of unquenchable fire upon you.

O then ye unbelieving, turn ye unto the Lord!

Cry mightily unto the Father in the name of Jesus, that perhaps ye may be found spotless, pure, fair and white, Having been cleansed by the blood of the Lamb at that great and last day.

And again, I speak unto you who deny the revelations of God and say that they are done away, That there are no revelations, nor prophecies, nor gifts, nor healing, nor speaking with tongues, and the interpretation of tongues.

Behold I say unto you, he that denieth these things knoweth not the gospel of Christ; Yea, they have not read the scriptures; If so, they do not understand them; For do we not read that God is the same yesterday, today and forever? And in Him there is no variableness, neither shadow of changing?

And now, if ye have imagined up unto yourselves a god which doth vary and in him there is shadow of changing, Then have ye imagined up unto yourselves a god which is not a God of miracles.

But behold, I will show unto you a God of miracles, even the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob; And it is that same God which created the heavens and the earth and all things that in them is.

Behold, He created Adam, And by Adam, came the fall of man, And because of the fall of man, came Jesus Christ, even the Father and the Son, And because of Jesus Christ, came the redemption of man, And because of the redemption of man, which came by Jesus Christ, they are brought back into the presence of the Lord.

Yea, this is wherein all men are redeemed because the death of Christ bringeth to pass the resurrection, Which bringeth to pass a redemption from an endless sleep, From which sleep all men shall be awakened by the power of God when the trump shall sound; And they shall come forth, both small and great, And all shall stand before His bar, being redeemed and loosed from this eternal band of death, Which death is a temporal death.

And then cometh the judgment of the Holy One upon them; And then cometh the time that he that is filthy shall be filthy still, And he that is righteous shall be righteous still; He that is happy shall be happy still; And he that is unhappy shall be unhappy still.

Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, Whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ, it shall be granted them; And this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth.

Mormon 4: 34  -74, 84, non-denominational Book of Mormon (Restored Covenant Edition)

Behold, I would exhort you that when ye shall read these things - if it be wisdom in God that ye should read them - That ye would remember how merciful the Lord hath been unto the children of men from the creation of Adam, even down until the time that ye shall receive these things, And ponder it in your hearts.

And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; And if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, havingt faith in Christ, And He will manifest the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost;

And by the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things; And whatsoever thing is good, is just and true; Wherefore, nothing that is good denieth the Christ, but acknowledgeth that He is. And ye may know that He is by the power of the Holy Ghost;
Wherefore, I would exhort you that ye deny not the power of God; For He worketh by power according to the faith of the children of men, the same today and tomorrow and forever.

Moroni 10: 3 – 7, non-denominational Book of Mormon (Restored Covenant Edition)

I used to live in Provo, Utah, I know from personal experience that it is a hotbed of satanism and trauma based mind control programming at the highest levels, and I don't just mean the L.D.S. Church, I also mean the United States  of America (but that is another post for another day).

After the historic Provo Tabernacle was destroyed by the Lord (due to defilement) the leaders of the L.D.S. Church echoed the words of the builders of One World Trade Center (after the Twin Towers fell) as prophesied by the prophet, Isaiah:

"The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars."

They not only rebuilt, but this time they upgraded it from a tabernacle to a temple (with no mention of repentance), despite the message that Jesus left behind for all the world to see...